WooCommerce settings: Updating frequency

About auto update fields

In the configuration of your WooCommerce connector, you will have to decide whether Auto update fields should be AutoSemi or Manual.

Leaving Auto update fields on Auto - Auto update fields Auto means that when generating your text for your WooCommerce solution, all your products will be updated automatically with a text, generated from your template. This means that current text that may already be on your products, will be overwritten - If you want to control some of your products manually, you should leave Auto update fields on Semi or Manual

Leaving Auto update fields on Manual - Auto update fields Manual means that IC Robotics app only will generate a text for a product if the product contains an Attribute called ic-include with the string value true.

Leaving Auto update fields on Semi - Auto update fields Semi means that IC Robotics app will generate and update all your products except if a product contains a metafield called ic-exclude with the string value of true. This is useful if you want to control just a few of your products manually.