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What is the "Randomize text" feature?

Use "Randomize text" to see different outcomes of your text based on the same data but with variations from the synonyms and variants.

"Randomize text" is located at the top menu and will make you see all the possible textual outputs from your template based on the loaded data. 

Every time you click the button the software will randomize the text by using all the different synonyms and variations you made in the template. By doing so you are able to see different text outcomes from the same data.

The benefits of the feature

  • It is a brilliant way to see if all your text makes sense with the different synonyms in use. By randomizing the text it will be clear if there is a synonym that does not makes sense in a sentence.
  • If you have spent a lot of time in the editor building the template and writing all the different variants you can lose sight of the coherence of the text. Here is the randomized text an effective tool to show you all the combinations of the different variants you have written. 

Making unique texts and avoiding duplicate content is one of the key benefits of this software. Randomizing the text is the best and only way to be sure that the text makes sense in any of the different outcomes.

Can I generate a specific randomized text?

You cannot generate a specific randomized text. When generating texts the software automatically does a random combination of variants and synonyms based on the data and the templates structure, conditions, e.g. This is why we say that the software makes automatic text production.