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What is the log?

Want to take a look at how your template used to look like? Use the log feature and see the 10 latest saved versions.

Deleted an entire section by mistake? Don't worry. You can still get it back. Just use our log feature located at the top menu to the right. 

The log shows the 10 latest revisions of your template. This means that every time you save your template you create a new entry in the log. Hence, you can use the log to either look at what the template looked like at a certain time or you can revert it to one of the entries in the log.

After choosing an entry in the log a new top bar appears on your template stating: "Currently showing a backup. do you want to revert your template to this state? Template version from: [date] - [time]".

You can now look at your template, open the different sections, sentences, scenarios, and variants and check out what it looked like at that entry.

Be aware that you can not edit or make any changes when in "log-mode". 

After looking at your template you can either cancel and go back to the one, you were working at before entering "log-mode", or you can choose to revert the template to what it looked like at that time of log-entry. 

If you regret a reversion you can just choose the entry in the log right before you reverted and revert to how it looked like before the reversion. 

A good piece of advice to take with you

We always recommend that you save your template as much as possible as there is no autosave in the software. But as we say this we also want to highlight, that the log only shows the last 10 saves. If you save the template every minute you probably will not benefit as much from the feature.