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What is "Split-screen view"?

The "Split-screen view" let you see more than one preview of your text based on different data.

Split-screen is a feature you can enable that gives you access to view different previews of texts at the same time. The feature makes it possible for you to see and compare text outcomes based on different data inputs.

On the second top bar to the right side, you will find the split-screen button. Just enable it, and you are now able to view several previews. For each preview, you can browse and load new data, so you have a clear and broad overview of how different the outcomes will look. 

If you want to add more previews you just click on the "Add preview". You can add as many previews as you want.

When enabled, the split-screen is by default set with two previews in two columns and one row. By using the "Columns" and "Rows" at the top menu bar, you can design the preview look by adding or removing columns and rows. Three is the maximum for both the columns and the rows.

Within each preview, you have the same features available such as browse data, stats and randomization.

If you click on the text in a preview you will open the editor like usual. When making changes in one of the previews those changes will appear in all of your open previews. Remember to click save on the preview overview to save your changes!

You can choose to randomize all open previews at the same time or just one preview at a time.