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What is the side panel?

The side panel is at the right side of your screen when you are at the front end of your template. It gives you an overview of the data used in the template.

The front end of your template is where you see the result of the work you have done in the backend based on specific data input. The specific data input is chosen in the top menu 'Browse data'. Learn more about the "Browse data'" feature here.

At the right side of your screen, you see a panel. This is the side panel. If you do not want to see the side panel, you can hide it by clicking on the "Hide side panel" at the top of the panel.

What does the side panel contain?

The side panel provides you with an overview of all the data variables used in the template, but also how many times it has been used. And this includes both the variables set as conditions in scenarios and the variables inserted in the different text variants. 

Other than that, you can see the output of the variables based on the data input you have chosen in "Browse data". These outputs only apply for that specific data input which is the same as the ones you see in the text output in the front end.

What can I do in the side panel?

Besides having an excellent overview, you can even change the data output of the variables. Yes, you read that right. But fear not. You do not actually change the data - it is only for show. 

The feature makes it possible for you to see different outputs in the text without changing the data input in 'Browse data'. It is especially smart if you only want to change a single data output in the text.

Try it out and be amazed when you see the text changing at the same moment as you change the data output of a variable.

Looking for a specific data variable used in the template? Use the search bar at the top of the panel. Here you can search for all the variables by their name and have easy access to the output of that exact variable.