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What is "Browse data"?

Use "Browse data" and watch your templates in action based on different data inputs.

Browse data is a key feature to use when creating a template in the software. It is here you search and load different data inputs which makes it possible to watch your template in action.

What does it look like when loading a shirt, and what about a pair of sneakers? Have you covered all the relevant data for that specific product or are you not satisfied with the textual output of your template based on different products or content IDs?

You will find the "Browse data" feature at the left side of the top menu.

What is the "Example data"?

When you open browse data the software will already have chosen a data input. This is what we call the "Example data". The example data is a data input (e.g. product or content ID) that has been chosen on the integration page. This way there will always be data to show in the template. 

How to do a search

When you do a search in "Browse data" it will typically be by the name of the product or an ID. The more specific your search is the easier it will be to find the wanted data. The search will show you a list of all the data matching your search.

On the right side of the browse data pop-up, you will find all the available data on the product or ID you searched for. You can scroll to see all the data or you can search for a specific data variable. 

Make specific data your favorite

If you often search for the same product or content ID in "Browse data" making favorites will be a much appreciated feature. Just click on the star at the right side of the data from the list that appears when you make a search (see screenshot below).

That specific data will be favoritized and will now appear every time you open "Browse data".

Be aware that the list of favorites is personal and will only show with your login. If you have coworkers working on the template with their own login they will have to make their own favorites.

Load the data to the template

After looking up a product in "Browse data", click on "Load data". The data from the chosen product or ID will now be shown in the template. Thus, you can easily change the data input in your template and more smoothly create sentences, scenarios e.g. 

Remember, that when creating conditions or adding variables in variants you can only choose between the data variables that are connected to the product or ID that you have loaded into the software. This is why we can asure you that you will be using the "Browse data" feature a lot! 

Just to let you know

The data shown in "Browse data" are either streamed through the API in the integration or based on test data from manual file uploads. If you experience problems with loading correct data it will problably be an isue in the integration.