What can I do with the publication stats?

Use the publication stats to keep an eye on the number of texts you produce and maybe download them as CSV.


Click on the template you want to see the stats for.

Under "Publications" click on the wanted publication. You will then see a box with the stats.

Status: the current status of the template. If the latest changes in the template are saved the icon will be green. If there is an error the icon will be orange. 

ID: the ID of the template. 

Created: the time and date of the day the template was created. 

Published: the time and date of the latest publishment. 

Published by: the user who did the latest publishment.

* Shopify data type, Include variant metafields and Auto update fields will only appear for Shopify-customers and is the settings of this specific template.

Get all the stats 

Click on the three little dots at the right corner and choose "Stats".

Here you can see all the stats from all your items.

If you have a lot of items it may take some time to update.

  • Generated = the number of generated texts from the time the template was published
  • Failed = the number of failed texts from the time the template was published
  • Average generation time = the average time it takes for the software to generate a text
  • Latest activity = the last time there was a generated text

Get the stats for a single item

If you want to see stats based on a single item click on "All stats" and choose "Single items" instead. This will open up a new box in which you can search for the wanted item. 

Click on the wanted item. 

This will give you the following information. 

  • Number of generations = the number of generated texts for this item (if the number is higher than 1 it will show you the number of times the text has been updated)
  • Latest activity = the last time there was a text generated for this item
  • Status = if there is a live text for the item

Download stats as CSV

If you want to download the stats for all items or a single item, just click on the little paper with "CSV" on the bottom right side of the box.

Here you can choose between four different time intervals. It will give you the stats for the latest 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or for all the time since publication.

Enter your email and click on the "Get download link". 

A mail with a link to the stats in a CVS file will be sent to your email within the next few minutes. 

If there is a problem with the download, contact us at support@icrobotics.com.