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What are "Stats"?

Use "Stats" to see how long your automated text are and other key statistics about either the entire template or a section.

Want to know the lix number of your template? Maybe you need to know how many words or characters it is? All that and more can be looked up in our stats menu. 

The stats menu is located at the top menu, and when opened it looks like the screenshot below.

Stats section

If you locate the cursor as shown with the arrow on the screenshot you can change the section the stats are based on to a specific section or "All" which shows stats for all the sections added together.  

If you use "Browse data" and lookup another data input, the stats will then be updated to match the currently loaded data.

What can you see in the stats?

  • Current text stats
    Shows you the lix number, the number of words and characters as well as the estimated reading time.
  • Variables used in template
    Shows you the number of variables that are used for the current loaded data. Thus it will change when you look up other data in "browse data".
  • Times variables are used
    Shows the number of times the variables are used throughout the entire template and doesn't change when you add new.