Set the template settings for your WooCommerce Template

We have made it flexible to use your WooCommerce connector in IC Robotics on the individual templates

There are numerous possibilities to make your text generation fit your needs in WooCommerce. This is done in Template Settings on each template side panel. Just click on the template and go to Template Settings at the bottom

Here is an overview of the different Template Settings

Auto update fields

In the configuration of your WooCommerce connector, you will have to decide whether the Auto update fields should be AutoSemi, or Manual.

  • Auto 
    New and existing products will automatically be updated with a text from IC Robotics. We recommend this setting if you e.g. have a new website where all products need text. Be aware that current text that may already be on your products will be overwritten if "Overwrite fields" is checked. If you want more control take a look at the Semi or Manual setting.
  • Manual
    IC Robotics will only generate a text for a product if attributes or a custom field contain ic-include. This is useful if you want full control of which products receive autogenerated text. 
  • Semi
    IC Robotics will generate and update all your products except if attributes or a custom field contains ic-exclude. This is useful if you want to control just a few of your products manually (e.g. special products or bestsellers), but want texts on the rest. 

Include Variations

If you check the box "Include variations" IC Robotics will also connect to the data on your variations. However, note that this might increase the load on your webshop. 

Overwrite fields

If "Overwrite fields" is checked IC Robotics will overwrite existing texts on your shop (unless ic-include or ic-exclude tells otherwise). We recommend that you use this setting if you want to make sure that all text is streamlined and follows the structure in your template.

Regardless of the chosen setting, it is the webhook on your shop that determines WHEN a product gets a text from IC Robotics.

We recommend setting up a webhook for product created to get texts on all your products, and product updated to have dynamically updated texts (e.g. if it is on sale have low inventory, etc.).

👉🏼 See how to set up these webhooks here.