Set the template settings for your DanDomain Classic Template

We have made it flexible to use your DanDomain connector in IC Robotics on the individual IC-template.

There are numerous different possibilities to make your text generation fit your needs in DanDomain Classic. This is done in Template Settings on each template side panel. 

Here is an overview of the different Template Settings

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 00.29.50Auto update fields

In the configuration of your DanDomain Classic connector, you will have to decide whether Auto update fields should be AutoSemi, or Manual.

Leaving Auto update fields on Auto - Auto update fields Auto means that when generating your text for your DanDomain Classic solution, all your products will be updated automatically with a text, generated from your template. This means that all products will get texts from IC Robotics and current text that may already be on your products will be overwritten (see possible to exclude overwriting below) - If you want to control some of your products manually, you should leave Auto update fields on Semi or Manual

Leaving Auto update fields on Manual - Auto update fields Manual means that IC Robotics app only will generate a text for a product if the Product Note contains ic-include. This is useful if you want full control of which products receive autogenerated text. 

Leaving Auto update fields on Semi - Auto update fields Semi means that the IC Robotics app will generate and update all your products except if a Product Note contains ic-exclude. This is useful if you want to control just a few of your products manually (e.g. special products or bestsellers), but want texts on the rest. 

Generating options

New Products: A checkbox that ensures that texts are generated once a new product is created in DanDomain Classic.

Existing Products: A checkbox that ensures that texts are generated for all the existing products once data are generated and new webhooks are sent from DanDomain Classic.

Overwrite fields: A checkbox that allows you to choose whether IC Robotics should overwrite existing data/text in the fields mapped. Note, that this is unselected you will not be able to have dynamically updated texts (e.g. text updates when stock level changes).

Include variants: A checkbox that ensures that texts are generated also for the master products variants in DanDomain Classic.

Exclude webhooks events: A free text field that allows you to put in commands, to ensure that if only specific data fields are updated (e.g. stockCount in the example above), it will not force a new text from IC Robotics. 

Site: A dropdown that allows you to choose which site/market you want to generate texts for.