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How do I use "Search" in a section?

Find variables synonyms, or anything textual in your template by using the search feature.

Looking for a variable or a specific word in your template located deep in a scenario? You can easily find whatever you are looking for in your template by using our search feature. 

The search feature appears when you have opened a section (thus, the search feature only searches within that specific section) at the bottom right of the section.

When clicking on the button a small window opens (look at the screenshot below), where you can search for anything in your template, not only limited to wordings but also HTML tags, synonyms, template synonyms, formats, variables e.g. 

The search will show you how many times the search word appears in the template and bring examples of where the word is being used. If you click on a specific search entry you will be sent to that exact place in the template making it easier to find if you need to make a change.

As you can see on the screenshot below a search entry is shown with formats, variable names, synonyms e.g. so you will see everything when using the search feature.