How do I generate texts from IC Robotics to Shopify?

In order to automatically generate texts from IC Robotics in Shopify, you will need to set up a webhook.

In order to start the text generation in IC Robotics you will need to publish your template to generate a Webhook URL in IC Robotics, which you will need to paste into your Shopify webhooks. 

1. Create a Webhook URL in IC Robotics

First, you will need to publish your template - see how here

Once you have you have published your template you get a publication on your template.

  • Click on the three dots and then Webhook’.
  • Generate a webhook URL by adding an IC Robotics' API key or generate a new API key. 
  • Copy the URL, which you will need to paste into Shopify. 

Remember to set your template settings before publishing your template. 

👉🏼 See the different template settings for Shopify here.

If you come directly from the last step of our signup flow, the above is already done and the most basic template settings are set to NOT overwrite texts push text without your approval (e.g. adding ic-include on your products' tag or metafield).

This can always be changed later and republished.

2. Create a new Webhook in Shopify

  • Choose "Settings" at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  • Click on "Notifications" on the new page on the left.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Create webhook".
  • Select an event for the webhook to trigger.
    • We recommend that you create two webhooks with the Product Update Event on one and the Product Creation Event.
  • Copy and paste the Webhook URL from Step 1 into the URL field.
  • The format should be set to JSON. 
    • You can use the same webhook URL you got from IC Robotics for both Webhooks.
  • The Webhook API version should be set to the one that ends on (Latest).
  • Click "Save".

You are now ready to go. 🎉