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How to create dynamic text in your product descriptions for Black Friday (and other enclosed periods)

Want to have dynamic text for only a short period of time? We will guide you on how to have dynamic Black Friday text for your desired time frame.

Do you know that you can create dynamic text based on a date condition ensuring that you for example have relevant Black Friday text the entire day? Or relevant Christmas during the festive period? Maybe some birthday text for when your webshop celebrates anniversaries or any other desired period?

Now you know. It is indeed possible and it is very simple to do so. Just follow the steps below.

Adding the condition

You start by creating a scenario for your Black Friday content on your product.

You can read more about conditions right here: Setting up conditions

Then you add the condition and choose advanced mode instead of simple mode. In the advanced mode you add the following CEL code and save it: 

Now()>=24-11-2022 22:00:00

This code means that the software must only write the text when the date and time is greater than or equal to the 24th of november at 10 pm. Se our Content Expression Language to navigate in the different date operators.

Then you add another condition with the following CEL code and save it: 

Now()<=25-11-2022 22:00:00

This code means that the software must only write the text when the date and time is less than or equal to the 25th of november at 10 pm. 

Remember to change the date and time so it fits your needs

The conditions now looks as below. 

It means that when it is within the time period of the CEL code in the condition the scenario is true/valid and can thus be used in your descriptions. 

Be aware of the timezone of the software. The timezone is based on the one your webshop are using.

You can now write you relevant Black Friday text (or other time specific text) in that scenario. 
You might want to set up additional conditions on your Black Friday scenario if you only want the text to appear on certain categories, collections e.g.

Republish your template

As in any other case where there has been changes for the template make sure to republish your template. Se how you do here: How do I publish my template?

Forcing webhooks

When Black Friday occurs the condition for your Black Friday scenario is valid, however it is of utmost importance that you force webhooks from your shop to our software so that the software send text back to your shop. 
The webhook is set up on your webshop and the specific settings depends on your CMS. Take a look at your CMS to see how your current webhook is working. 
Depending on your integration and technical setup the software sends product descriptions to your webshop when a new product is created or when an existing product is changed (could be a new tag that is added or and old that is removed e.g.). 
You can bulk update all the products that needs the Black Friday text from the Black Friday scenario when Black Friday is live. That forces webhooks from your shop to our software which in return sends updated product descriptions back with Black Friday text.

It is recommended that you start forcing webhooks a little before depending on the amount of products that needs Black Friday text. It can take a while for several thousands products to receive updated product descriptions.

When Black Friday is over you will have to force webhooks once again so that you receive updated product descriptions without the Black Friday text. 

Does this sound interesting? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our support team at support@icrobotics.com, and we will assist you in setting up dynamic text elements for Black Friday or other enclosed periods such as Easter, Christmas, a specific campaign period, and other.