How do I publish my template?

When you have built your template and written your text it is time to publish the template to see the text come to life.


Publishing a template for the first time

Click on the template you want to publish.

Click on "Publish"

If it is the first time you publish the template, you will have to create a new publication. Give the publication a name that makes sense to you. If you have templates in different languages you could e.g. use the language as the name.

After this, click on "Publish".

You will now see the publication on the sidebar.

Here you will in the future see when the publication is created and when it was last published.

Republish a template

It is important that you republish your template every time you have made any changes in your template and want to update your texts.

Click on the template you want to publish.
Click on the three little dots at the right corner of the publication. 

Click on "Republish". This will open a box in which you have to click on "Republish".

The publication information will then update to match the date and time of the new publishment. 

Be aware that the text first will appear on your website when you activate the webhook on your website.