How do I format text?

There are three different easy to use formats available for your variants: bold, italic and underlined.

You have three different standard format options to use in our software. Just as you know it form other writing or editing programs, email clients e.g.

To open the format options you just mark the word, sentence, or variable you want to format and a drop-down menu will open up. Click on "Format", and you will see the three different options. You can use keyboard shortcuts for all three. 

  • Bold: Makes the marked text bold.
    Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + B (for Mac: Command + B)
  • Italic: Makes the marked text italic.
    Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + I (for Mac: Command + I)
  • Underlined: Underlines the marked text.
    Keyword shortcut: CTRL + U (for Mac: Command + U)

You can also use our editor in a view where you will see all HTML tags. Just click on the "</>" icon next to the unscoped view. When using this mode, you will be able to use HTML tags directly in the text.