How do I export texts from manual uploads?

You can always export texts into CSV or Excel files based on a template using the publications export function - see how it is done below.

To export texts from a manual upload based on your template is simple. Start by publishing your template (see how here) and click then on the three small dots, which opens a list where you can select export data. 

🖐🏼 Note: If you've added new data, you might have to edit integration on the template to match the new data before you publish your template.


Remember to check the new and remove the check from the old. 

When exporting your texts, you will have the option to select all the products in the upload or choose specific products that you want to export. Type in the correct e-mail and select which format you want your export in (Excel or CSV) and then press "Send export link".

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your exported texts. 

Also, you have the choice to include all fields, which makes it easier for some systems to re-upload the data export. If unselected, the export file will only contain the product ID, Name, and your texts.

ℹ️ Pro tip: Name the sections in the template to match the fields in your upload to ensure that IC Robotics fills out the correct fields automatically in the export. 

See how to name sections or change mapping here.