How do I create and write variants?

It is in the variants you write all the text fragments that will eventually become your final text.


A variant is a field within a scenario. It is where you write the text fragment that applies to that specific scenario. A variant can contain words, data variables, synonyms, and links.

You will typically write more than one variant to a scenario to give the software more to choose from. The whole principle of the software is that it automatically chooses between the different variants in a scenario to create more unique texts.

The other variants must therefore be an alternative to the first variant. You can do this by making a variation of the text, using more or fewer data variables, or using other synonyms. The more variation there is in the different variants the more unique the final text will be.

Now that you know what a variant is and how it works, let us show you how to create and write them in the template.

Write a variant

A scenario contains as a standard one variant. It is ready for you to start writing.

The variant is the field in which it says "Enter text...".

This field is just like any other text editing program where you can write text and numbers which can be formatted, made into headings, or made into links.

It differs from other programs by the fact that you can insert data variables and synonyms. You can even insert basic HTML coding directly into the text.

Take a look at the following guides to see how to format text and how you add headers, links, synonyms, or data variables to the text:

A variant could look like this.

Wonder what this variant will look like in the text? Check out the preview on the right side.

This variant works as an introduction to a product and is written to be used for all types of products with the two variables. To make sure that all the products do not get the same introduction it will therefore be a good idea to make more variants.

But how do you do that? 

Create more variants

A new variant can be created in two ways. You can either click "Enter" on your keyboard when standing in a variant or you can click on the "+ Variant" button under the variant. In both ways, the software will add a new variant field below the first variant.

Here you can write a variation of the first variant.

It could look like this.

You can write as many variants as you want. The more the merrier. 

If a scenario applies to a lot of the same products we will recommend that you make at least three different variants. This will give the software more to choose from and it will make the texts more unique. 

Tip: Try not to have too much text in your variants. The more text there is the harder it will be to write other variations. It is also an advantage to break the text into several sentences as the software then has more combinations to choose from.

Example 1: A lot of text is written in each variant.

Example 2: The text is broken down into two sentences.

Which one do you think will give the most unique texts?

Delete a variant

If you want to delete a variant just click on the little garbage can on the right side of the variant.

Move a variant

If you want to move a variant to another place in the template, just click and hold on the little small dots on the right side of the variant.