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How do I add users?

Add users and give your colleagues access to the software.

Be aware that all users have complete access to the software. This means that they will also have access to account information and integrations.

If you want to add more users to the software go to "Settings" in the menu on the left side and click on "Users".

Here you see an overview of all the users and will be able to add new users.

You add a new user by clicking on the button "+ New user".

Clicking on this will give you a box in which you fill out all the relevant information about the user.

Note: The user will be able to make a new password later in the profile settings.

When you are done click on "Create user" and the new user will appear in the overview.

Deactivate a user

It is not possible to delete a user in the software. If you want to make sure that a specific user no longer has access to the software you will have to deactivate them. 

Deactivate the user by clicking on the three little dots on the right side of the user in the overview and clicking "Deactivate user".