How do I create and add template synonyms?

Template synonyms will save you time when creating your template. Read here why and how to create them.


In the purpose of making unique texts synonyms plays an important role. The more synonyms you make the more unique the text can become.

In this software, you can make a global list of synonyms that matches your needs. This is the feature we call "Template synonyms".

There are numerous advantages of using template synonyms instead of ordinary synonyms. The main advantage is that you save time. 

Why are template synonyms relevant?

When creating a synonym you write a word and its associated synonyms and with the template synonyms, you only have to do it once. Once it is created in the list you can use it wherever you want it in your template. You can always find, add and edit your template synonyms here:

In comparison, when creating ordinary synonyms, you will have to create and add them manually every time. That takes a tremendous amount of extra time compared to creating a template synonym. 

But the point is not that you should always use template synonyms instead of ordinary synonyms. Sometimes the synonym you want to create in a sentence does not make sense in any other context and it is here ordinary synonyms are your go-to feature.

Create template synonyms

Click on "Template synonyms" at the top menu. Here you will see all the template synonyms, make new ones or edit existing ones.

To create a new template synonym you have to click on "New template synonym". 

First, you name your synonym. The naming itself is NOT a part of the synonyms, it is just so you can find it in the list later when you want to insert it. Make sure to give the synonym a name that makes sense to you.  

As you see in the screenshot above some like to name the template synonym with one of the words from the associated synonyms. In this way, the synonym will appear with a word that makes sense in a sentence. 

Be aware that you cannot change the name of the template synonym after it has been saved.

After you have named the template synonym, you just add all the associated synonyms that make sense for that template synonym. Remember to click on the little "+"-button every time you add a new synonym.

You can always go back and add more synonyms to an existing template synonym.

A synonym can consist of one or more words. It is not limited to only one word. 

You can also have a variable as a synonym in a template synonym if you write the variable as follows where you insert synonyms for a template synonym: {variableName}.

Delete a template synonym

You can delete the entire template synonym by clicking on the little carbage can at the right side of the reference name. 

Edit template synonyms

Edit the name

If you want to change the name (reference name) of a template synonym click on the little pen 'Edit name' next to the trashcan and give it a new name.

When you have given the template synonym its new name click on the checkmark next to the trashcan. After this, the name will automatically be changed in every place the template synonym is used in your template. 

Edit synonyms

If you want to change a synonym you just click on the word and make the changes. 

The word is automatically saved and will be changed in every place the template synonym is used in your template. 

Delete synonyms

You can delete the word by clicking on the carbage can on the right side of the specific synonym. 

The word will automatically be removed in every place the template synonym is used in your template. 

Add synonyms

You can always go back to a template synonym and add more synonyms. Just write the word in the field 'Add synonym' and click on '+' when you are done. 

The word will automatically be added in every place the template synonym is used in your template. 

Search for a specific template synonym

If you have many template synonyms you can search for them when opening the menu template synonyms. 

Here is what you need to be aware of:
It is IMPORTANT that you save the entire template after creating and editing the template synonyms. If not, your changes will not be saved. 

When you do changes to a template synonym that is already used throughout your template those changes will be enforced immediately in all the places where the template synonym is inserted. Just remember to save, as always. 

Insert a template synonym in your template

You add a template synonym the same way you add an ordinary synonym or a variable. When writing a variant you either click the cursor in the place you want to insert the synonym or you can mark the word or text you want to replace with a template synonym.

After this, a dropdown menu opens.

Here you click on "Synonym" and another dropdown menu opens. Here you find a list of all your template synonyms.

Just above the list is a search field where you can search for a specific template synonym instead of scrolling through the list. When you choose a template synonym it will appear in your variant as a blue word with the naming of the template synonym.

Before the name is a little globe showing that it is a template synonym. Blue words without a globe are just an ordinary synonym.

Remember that after inserting a template synonym a "space" is added right after the template synonym. If the space does not fit in the sentence (e.g. just before a dot or a comma) you just delete the space.

Make a template synonym to an ordinary synonym

If you want to make a change in your template synonym that will only apply to that specific place in the text you can convert it into an ordinary synonym.

You just click on the template synonym you want to change and then click on the two opposite arrows at the right corner of the box.

When doing so the synonyms in the box will no longer be locked and you can make the changes you need. This could e.g. be by adding a new synonym or deleting or editing an existing one). Remember to press save!

The synonym will now appear in a blue box without the little globe.

The changes you make here will only apply to this specific synonym now that it has become an ordinary synonym. 

Format synonyms

If you have made all your template synonyms with small letters but there is a place in the text where you want it to be capitalized then you can just format the synonym. 

The same goes the other way around. 

Just insert the template synonym in the text. When you see it in the text just click on it and it will open up a box where you can see all the synonyms. At the bottom of the box, you will be able to edit the format of the synonym.

Choose the wanted format and press 'Save'. The synonym will now have the right format in the text.