How do I add and create synonyms?

Synonyms will help you make a more variated text and still keep your tone of voice.


Synonyms are an easy way of enhancing the variations in the text and still maintaining your tone of voice. It is very simple to create and add them, and you can do it everywhere in your template. 

By creating and adding ordinary synonyms you have full control of the words and wording where you add the synonyms. If you want to make more general synonyms you can use over and over again, we recommend the "Template synonym" feature.

Add synonyms

Ordinary synonyms are added directly into a variant in a scenario. Open up any scenario with one or more variants. Place the cursor at the place you want to insert a synonym or mark the word or text you want to turn into a synonym. A dropdown menu will now appear.

Click on "Synonym" and another dropdown menu will appear.

Then you click on "+Synonym" and you can now easily write synonyms.

After writing a synonym either press enter or click on the little "+"-icon. Remember to save!

You have now created synonyms that are used directly where you marked the text and inserted the synonym. The synonym is shown in a blue box.

If you want to add more synonyms to the list, just open the synonym and add new synonyms. The same goes for deleting synonyms. 

A synonym can consist of one or more words. It is not limited to only one word.

You can have a variable as a synonym if you write the variable as follows where you insert synonyms: {variableName}.

Remember that after inserting a template synonym a "space" is added right after the template synonym. If the space does not fit in the sentence (e.g. just before a dot or a comma) you just delete the space.

You can copy the newly created synonym to another variant by marking the entire synonym (the entire blue synonym box) and then copy/paste it into another variant. 

Make a synonym to a template synonym

If you made a synonym that would make sense to use more than once you can easily convert your synonym into a template synonym. Just click on the opposite arrows at the right corner of the box.

You will then be asked to give the new template synonym a name. When given a name the synonym will be converted to a template synonym shown with a little globe in the blue box of the text.

And you will now be able to find the synonym under "Template synonyms" at the top menu.