How do I add sentences and scenarios?

Use sentences and scenarios to build your template.


Are you not sure what sentences and scenarios are and what they do? Then we recommend that you start by reading "What are sentences and scenarios".

If you already understand the features, let us just jump to how you add them to your template. 

When you open a new template there will as a standard be a sentence with one scenario. From here you can start building the template.

Adding sentences

You have two ways to add a new sentence. The first will probably be the one you use the most. Here you click on the "+" button on the right side of an existing sentence. It will open a box where you can choose different elements. 

When clicking on "Sentence" there will be a little side box where you can choose between adding a sentence above or below the existing sentence.

The software will then insert the sentence.

Just like the first sentence, this one will also automatically contain a scenario.

As the second way to add a sentence, you can just click on the "+ Sentence" at the bottom of the template. This will add a sentence below the last sentence in the template.

Deleting a sentence

Did you add a sentence in the wrong place or a sentence you did not need? No worries. It is easy to delete a sentence. Just click on the little garbage can on the right side of the sentence you want to delete.

Adding scenarios

A scenario will, as you know, always be a part of a sentence.

If you want to add a scenario to write a new part of the text you will have to add a new sentence as you learned above. But if you want to add a scenario to make more scenarios in a sentence, just click on the "+" button on the right side of an existing scenario.

You will then have to choose between adding the new scenario above or below the existing scenario.

The software will then add the scenario in which you can write another sequence in the template.

Remember that the software only will choose one of the scenarios in a sentence. Use conditions to tell the software which scenario you want it to choose based on the data.

Naming the scenarios

We recommend that you give your scenarios names that match the text within the scenario. This will give you a better overview of the template and make it easier to find the right passage if you want to make changes later on. 

If you hold the cursor over the scenario a button "add" will show. If you click on this a box will open where you can give the scenario a name. 

You then need to click on "Save" and the scenario will appear with its new name.

Deleting a scenario

Just as with the sentences, it is easy to delete a scenario if it was added in the wrong place or you added one you did not need. Just click on the little garbage can on the right side of the scenario you want to delete.

Now you know how to add sentences and scenarios to your template. Sounds easy, right? We promise that it is just as easy in practice! 

Do you want to expand your template? Learn how you convert scenarios into sentences.

Moving sentences and scenarios

If you want to change the place of a specific sentence or scenario in the template you can use the drag-and-drop function to move them around.

Just click and hold on the small little dots on the right side of a sentence or scenario.

Holding on to the dots you will be able to place the sentence or scenario in any other place in the template.