Find your Shopify Access Token

Set up a Shopify App to connect IC Robotics with Shopify in less than a minute.

Watch the video here (57 seconds) or read the guide below

HubSpot Video

In order to set up a connection between Shopify and IC Robotics, you will need to set up an app in Shopify. On your Settings page in Shopify or under Apps on the left-hand side panel in Shopify:

  • Choose "Apps and sales channels".
  • Click on "Develop apps" at the top, right corner.
  • Click "Create an app".
  • Give it a name and choose an app developer from within your company and click "Create app"
  • In Configuration of Admin API Scopes, you will need to give read and write access to “Products”  and "Product listings"  and save it.
  • In API Credentials, you can now install your app, which will give you the all-important API Access Token.

Reveal the Token, but keep in mind that you’ll only be able to reveal your API Access Token once to protect your data. 

👉🏼 Copy and save your API Access Token in a secure place.


  • Do you want dynamic updates based on inventory changes?

    Give read access to "Inventory”  for dynamic updates based on inventory changes.

  • Do you want collection texts too?

    If you want to create collection texts, you will need to check Storefront API (at the "Configuration"-menu in your custom app) and allow read access to"Product listings" (unauthenticated_read_products_listings).