Find your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in WooCommerce (WordPress)

Set up a REST API to connect IC Robotics with WooCommerce (WordPress) in less than a minute.

Watch the video here (47 seconds) or read the guide below

HubSpot Video

In order to connect WooCommerce (WordPress) and IC Robotics, you will need to generate a REST API Key in WooCommerce.

On your admin page in WordPress:

  • Firstly, you need to enable Legacy API.
    • Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced → Legacy API → Enable the legacy REST API → Save changes
  • Secondly, Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced → REST API → Add key
    Generate your API Key
    by giving it a description, and user, and choose permission details.
    • Description: Optional - e.g. "IC Robotics key"
    • User: Your own WordPress user
    • Permissions: Read/Write
  • You can now generate your API Key.

Now you have a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret available which you need in order to create the WooCommerce connector on the IC Robotics platform.

Note: You will only be able to see the Consumer key and Consumer secret once. Remember to save it.