Find your DanDomain Classic API Key

Set up a DanDomain Classic integration to connect IC Robotics with DanDomain Classic in less than a minute.

Watch the video here (23 seconds) or read the guide below

HubSpot Video

In order to set up a connection between DanDomain Classic and IC Robotics, you will need to set up an integration in DanDomain Classic under Indstillinger:

  • Choose "Integration" in the side panel menu (left).
  • Click on "API" at the top (if you are not already there).
  • Click "+ Tilføj bruger".
  • Give it a name (e.g. IC Robotics) and give Læs and Opdater access to “Produkter”  and Læs access to"Indstillinger".
  • Click on "Gem" at the top
  • Copy the API nøgle and past it into IC Robotics along with the shop URL (include until .com or whatever your shop ends on, but not all the stuff after - e.g.

You are now ready to go. 🎉