Find your API Token in Shoporama

Set up a Shoporama integration to connect IC Robotics with Shoporama in less than a minute.

Watch the video here (23 seconds) or read the guide below

HubSpot Video

In order to set up a connection between Shoporama and IC Robotics, you will need to set up an API-adgang in Shoporama: 

  • Choose Indstillinger (det little cog at the top right corner)
  • Click on API (which might be found in the drop-down from the 3 small dots - see video).
  • Click on Grant Access.
  • Name the new access IC Robotics and leave the access on All.
  • Click on Gem.

Shoporama has now generated a Token for you, which you will need to copy and paste into the IC Robotics platform along with the URL to your shop (include until .com or whatever your shop ends on, but not all the stuff after - e.g.