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A quick overview of how to use the software

What is IC Robotics and how do you use it? We will give you a quick overview to get a basic understanding of the software.

What does it do?

IC Robotics is software that generates text based on structured data.

The principle of the software is that you create a template that matches the wanted layout of the final text and fill it with words, synonyms, and data variables. The software will then generate a coherent text based on specific data input.

Why is it better than writing the text manually? 

  • It is more effective and saves you a lot of time
  • It is a simple way to avoid duplicate content
  • It is easy to make changes and optimize the text

Once the template is created the software will, automatically, generate new unique texts every time it gets new data input. It can generate multiple texts at once which will save you a lot of time - especially if you have to write many similar texts. And as you have all the texts in the same place it will be easy to make ongoing changes and optimizations.

Worried that all this automation will affect your tone of voice? Don't be. Since you are the one creating the template, you have full control of the language and hence the tone of voice.

How do you use it?

Making texts with IC Robotics only involves a few steps:

  • Set up an integration to your data
  • Create and write your template
  • Publish your template and see your texts come to live

Set up an integration to your data

As the texts in IC Robotics are based on data you need to make an integration of your data. 

See the different ways to make integrations in IC Robotics.

Create and write your template

The template is the foundation of the software. It is where you build your text.

Creating the template and writing the different text outputs will be the most extensive part of the process. But remember that it is a one-time job!

The more structure there is in the data, the easier it will be to work in the template. 

Learn more about how you create your template and write your text.

Publish your template and see your texts come to live

The last and final step is to see the result of all the work you have done. All it takes is to publish the template and launch the texts by using your chosen webhook from the integration. 

You can always continue working on the template if there are changes or if you want to make optimizations.